Best Papers 2015

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In 2015 the following best works were given an award by JAACS:

  • PhD INF for “On Modeling and Simulating Reptile Skin Coloration”, by Daljit Singh
  • PhD DIUF for “A Model-Driven, Component Generation Approach for the Web of Things”, by Andreas Ruppen
  • Master INF for “Agent-Based Data Retrieval for Opportunistic Content-Centric Networks”, by Tobias Schmid
  • Master DIUF for “Data Skepticism in Practice – Online Anomaly Detection over Big Data Streams”, by Laura Rettig
  • Bachelor INF for “proof of the arithmetical equivalence of EC with full induction and ACA”, by Paul Frischknecht
  • Bachelor DIUF for “Boids Simulator: Un framework pour concevoir des simulations dynamiques et interactives de groupes d’individus”, by Jocelyn Thode